How teachers address cases of bullying in schools: a comparison of five reactive approaches

While much effort goes into preventing bullying in schools, many young people continue to be bullied after they have told a teacher. What do teachers do when students come to them and how successful are each of the ways they respond? This article by Dr Ken Rigby examines a range of strategies used by schools to address cases of bullying.

Covert bullying

NCAB members Prof Donna Cross, Dr Barbara Slee and Prof Phillip Slee were involved in two important research projects commissioned by the Australian Government investigating covert bullying.

Making Australian Schools Safer

There is a growing awareness within Australia of the importance of safe learning environments in promoting social and academic outcomes for students. Making Australian Schools Safer, written by Dr Helen McGrath, is a summary report of the outcomes of the National Safe Schools Framework Best Practice Grants Programme.

Applying the Method of Shared Concern in Australian Schools: An Evaluative Study

Dr Ken Rigby is a leading bullying expert and an Adjunct Professor (research) at the University of South Australia. His study ‘Applying the Method of Shared Concern in Australian Schools: An Evaluative Study’ takes an in-depth look at a process for addressing bullying and harassment in schools, known as the ‘Method of Shared Concern’.

Young people and technology

A recent literature review by Adjunct Professor Helen McGrath, on behalf of The Alannah and Madeline Foundation.