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Empowering Voices, Eradicating Bullying: Strategies for a Safer Environment

The intricate labyrinth of bullying traverses multifaceted landscapes, leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of societal interactions. Within the intricate tapestry of human communication, the dual metrics of perplexity and burstiness emerge as guiding stars, illuminating the nuanced discourse surrounding this pervasive issue. Understanding the enigmatic nature of bullying is akin to unraveling a […]

Spare a thought for the parents of bullied children

Spare a thought for the parents of bullied children That children who are continually bullied at school suffer excruciatingly is now widely acknowledged. To a large extent this realisation drives the anti-bullying campaigns that have taken root in many countries throughout the world including Australia. We know that bullied children can become at serious risk […]

NCAB Chair The Hon Joseph Kay honoured in the 2017 Queen’s Birthday awards

The National Centre Against Bullying congratulates our Chair, The Hon Joseph Kay on being the recipient of Member [AM] In The General Division Of The Order Of Australia. The award recognises Joe’s substantial contributions to the judiciary through reforms to child protection policy and family law and practice, and to the legal profession. His outstanding […]

Re-thinking approaches to reducing bullying behaviour

Bullying has traditionally been seen by schools as a behaviour problem that requires sanctions or consequences to “stop the behaviour from happening again”. Yet evidence suggests that consequences – especially harsh consequences that punish the perpetrator – are counterproductive when trying to build and maintain a positive school climate where power is not used to […]

Resilience for young people – what schools can do

Building resilience involves creating the three things every parent wants for their children and every teacher wants for their students: this is for children and teens to have safe, happy, and fulfilling lives. Making resilience pathways possible for young people protects them against mental health problems while making them less likely to be involved in […]

Method of Shared Concern

Ken Rigby of the University of South Australia, together with Coosje Griffiths, led a project commissioned by the Australian Government to evaluate the effectiveness of the Method of Shared Concern approach to addressing bullying in the Australian schooling context. Bullying has for some years been identified as a major problem affecting school communities throughout the world (Smith […]