10 Steps to Deal with School Bullying and Cyber Bullying

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The following steps have been created by experts at the Alannah & Madeline Foundation’s National Centre Against Bullying. It is a vital guide for parents, teachers and children who need to know how to manage the issue: Recognise that bullying matters – because it hurts in the short and long term. It’s everybody’s responsibility. Be […]

$525 million: the annual Australian bully bill

The trauma caused by bullying continues for decades after school ends, says a new report commissioned by the Alannah & Madeline Foundation. The Economic Costs of Bullying in Australian Schools reveals that, each year, around 910,000 – almost a quarter of all school students – Australian school students experience bullying, instigated by 543,000 bully perpetrators. […]

Welcome our new Chair, The Hon Chief Justice Diana Bryant

The Hon Joseph Kay has recommended that the Hon Chief Justice Diana Bryant be appointed as the new Chair. Chief Justice Bryant was born in Perth, Western Australia and attended Firbank Girls’ Grammar School in Melbourne. She holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Melbourne University, and a Master of Laws degree from Monash University. […]

From the Family Law Court to childhood bullying – why Diana Bryant AO QC is taking on the role as Chair of the National Centre Against Bullying

It’s a natural progression from the Family Law Court to head of the National Centre Against Bullying, says Diana Bryant. For the entirety of my 40-plus year career, I have been an observer of children’s development, and have always worked for their best interests. As a lawyer, I represented clients in parenting disputes and was […]

John Marsden’s comments demonstrate a lack of understanding about bullying

John Marsden’s comments demonstrate a lack of understanding about bullying says the Hon Diana Bryant AO, National Centre Against Bullying Chair. John Marsden is a great author, but his comments in the Sydney Morning Herald (“Don’t really care what people think”: John Marsden defends view of bullying) demonstrate a lack of understanding about the complexity and […]

What we need to know about helping children who are bullied

National Centre Against Bullying member Dr Ken Rigby, Adjunct Professor, University of South Australia In Australia, approximately one student in five is bullied at school every few weeks or more often. Many of these students suffer serious emotional and psychological harm, such as persistent anxiety, depression and suicidal thinking, and are unable to concentrate on […]

Can new technologies help stop bullying?

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Jessie Mitchell, Senior Advisor Bullying, Alannah & Madeline Foundation More students are reporting bullying to their schools, thanks to anonymous apps and web-based tools. However, while reporting technologies can prove useful, they don’t remove the need for trust, knowledge and relationships between students and staff. Many students don’t report bullying Some students feel too embarrassed to tell […]