Bullying - Advice

Find research based bullying advice and resources suitable for young adults, parents and teachers on a variety of topics. 
If you do not find what you are looking for or need immediate help with a situation, we recommend visiting the get help now page.

Working with your child's school Working with your child's school

Your child’s school is your first point of contact and concerns about any issue relating to school is best resolved where it occurs – at the school.

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Bullying for parents Bullying for parents

Information and advice for parents on how to deal with bullying behaviour.

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Bullying for schools Bullying for schools

This is a resource section about bullying for schools, designed to provide schools with strategies and ideas.

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Bullying for kids Bullying for kids

Information and resources for kids and young adults to help identify and stop bullying.

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Know your rights Know your rights

If you feel like the school isn’t fulfilling your child’s right to be safe at school it’s good to know your rights and if necessary make a formal complaint.

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Myth Busters Myth Busters

Take the quiz to see if you can pick out which statements are true, and which are common myths about bullying!

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What is included in the Bullying - Advice section?

  • Definition of bullying
  • Types of bullying
  • Signs of bullying
  • How to stop bullying
  • How to stop cyber bullying
  • Effects of bullying
  • Effects of bullying others

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