Bullying for kids

This section is designed to provide young people with strategies and ideas on how to deal with bullying.

What is Bullying for kids? What is Bullying for kids?

A resource for kids who want to understand what bullying is.

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Am I being bullied? Am I being bullied?

If you're being bullied you might feel as if you...

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How to help a friend being bullied How to help a friend being bullied

Bullying is bad for everybody – not just the person being bullied.

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What is the Bullying for kids section about?

The Bullying for kids section explains what bullying is and signs that you can look for. There are some helpful resources that kids can use to either get help from those around them, or ideas that they can use in bullying situations.

If this section didn’t provide you with the help that you were looking for, or you need urgent help, please go to our Get Help Now page.

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