Am I being bullied?

If you're being bullied you might feel as if you:

  • Are scared to go to school, feel unsafe and afraid
  • Can't sleep very well or have nightmares
  • Don't want to be around your family or friends
  • Can't concentrate on your school or homework
  • Seem to be getting into trouble all the time
  • Are angry for no reason
  • Are not very hungry or are extra hungry
  • Suddenly have unexplained headaches or stomach-aches
  • Are sad and 'down'
  • As though you're not worth much
  • Are guilty
  • Think what's happening is your fault (it isn't)
  • Feel ashamed it's happening to you.

You shouldn't have to feel any of these things because of the way someone is treating you. It's not your fault, but it probably won't stop unless you do something.

Bullying is bad for you and it's even bad for the person doing the bullying. We think you should do something about it sooner rather than later.

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