Effects of my child bullying others

Many children bully others while they are growing up. Most grow out of it with the right guidance, support and education about some of the effects of bullying.

Here are some things that you can do if your child is bullying other children:

Talk to your child

  • Stay calm. Focus on the behaviour, rather than the child.
  • Make sure your child knows bullying behaviour is inappropriate and why.
  • Try to understand the reasons why your child has behaved in this way and look for ways to address problems.
  • Encourage your child to look at it from the other's perspective, for example, "how would you feel if..." to try to get them to empathise with the effects of bullying.
  • Help your child think of alternative paths of action.
  • Provide appropriate boundaries for their behaviour.
  • Children need to find ways of managing their relationships more positively than dominance, control or exclusion. Teaching conflict resolution and social/emotional skills is important. Take a look here for additional guidance on this.

Work with the school to solve the problem

Many schools now use restorative approaches rather than punishment, where students involved in the bullying situation reflect on the issues. The student who has been bullying then has to confront the person they have bullied and look for ways to repair the effects of their bullying and restore their relationship.

Reflect on your family’s behaviours

Look candidly at behaviour within your family. Children copy their role models and those they spend a lot of time with.

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