How to stop the bullying of other children

Talking to your children about how they can stop bullying, might include talking about other children who are being bullied. 

They may not want to name names. This is OK. Ask the child what, if the situation were reversed, they would want their friend to do for them.

Your role:

You may want to report this to a responsible person at the school, such as a teacher, well being coordinator or principal. If you know the child's parents, a quiet talk might be the answer.

bad things happen because good people do nothing

The stopping of bullying will only happen if people know about the behaviour happening.

Your child's role

Most bullying situations are witnessed by others. But generally, children don't like witnessing bullying: it makes them feel uncomfortable and can make them see their school as an unsafe place.  That is why taking action to stop bullying is critical.

Being part of a group watching a bullying incident can encourage the young person who is doing the bullying. Even if the child doesn't feel they can stop the bullying, they should move away from the situation.

Children often feel worried about intervening to stop bullying behaviour. They may fear for their safety, think the bullying might turn on them, fear their friendships will suffer, or just not know what words to use.

They should only intervene personally if it is safe to do so and the environment is a supportive one. You can also take a look at these tips on being an effective and safe bystander.

Afterwards, they should report what happened to a teacher, coordinator or principal.

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