Signs of bullying


No one should have to put up with bullying. It can make people feel unsafe at school and miserable when they get home.

The following will equip you with the skills to spot different signs of bullying and some of the symptoms that could come from this.

Emotional and behavioural signs of bullying

  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Changes in eating patterns
  • Frequent tears or anger
  • Mood swings
  • Feels ill in the morning
  • Becomes withdrawn or starts stammering
  • Becomes aggressive and unreasonable
  • Refuses to talk about what is wrong
  • Begins to target siblings
  • Continually ‘loses’ money or starts stealing.

Physical signs of bullying

  • Has unexplained bruises, cuts, scratches
  • Comes home with missing or damaged belongings or clothes
  • Comes home hungry.

School signs of bullying

  • Doesn’t want to go to school
  • Changes their route to school or are frightened of walking to school
  • Doesn’t want to go to school on the bus/tram/train
  • School grades begin to fall.

Other signs of bullying

Sometimes signs bullying can be far more hidden. They can include:

  • Often alone or excluded from friendship groups at school
  • A frequent target for teasing, mimicking or ridicule at school
  • Unable to speak up in class and appears insecure or frightened.

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