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Empowering Voices, Eradicating Bullying: Strategies for a Safer Environment

The intricate labyrinth of bullying traverses multifaceted landscapes, leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of societal interactions. Within the intricate tapestry of human communication, the dual metrics of perplexity and burstiness emerge as guiding stars, illuminating the nuanced discourse surrounding this pervasive issue. Understanding the enigmatic nature of bullying is akin to unraveling a […]

What is Bullying for kids?

bullying for kids

A resource for kids who want to understand what bullying is. Bullying happens when an individual or a group of people with more power, repeatedly and intentionally cause hurt or harm to another person or group of people who feel helpless to respond. Bullying can continue over time, is often hidden from adults, and will probably […]

Guidance from your state government


The states and territories have developed their own strategies, policies, tools and advice to schools about bullying. These documents explain in broad terms how governments expect schools (especially state schools) to approach preventing and addressing bullying. Key documents include: South Australia – Connected: A Community Approach to Bullying Prevention Within the School Gates and Beyond (2019) […]

Mobilising bystanders


A number of factors determine whether bystanders will and can act in bullying situations or not. Research suggests that students who intervene tend to be younger, female, have not previously bullied their peers, have ‘pro-victim attitudes’, believe their parents would expect them to help the target, and have a fairly high degree of self-efficacy. Teacher […]