Professor Sheryl Hemphill

Professor of Psychology at Australian Catholic University

Career highlights

Sheryl is a research-only Professor of Psychology at Australian Catholic University. Sheryl is committed to disseminating and translating research findings into practice and policy. Her main areas of research are:

  • child, adolescent and young adults' social and emotional development
  • prevention of bullying, cyber bullying, violence, antisocial behaviour, and substance use
  • promotion of mental health
  • impact of school discipline/behaviour management (including school suspension) on students and school staff
  • schools and communities as contexts for prevention
  • descriptive longitudinal studies
  • evaluation and trials of prevention approaches.

Question and answer

Why is the issue of bullying of particular interest to you?

Bullying can have such devastating impacts on those affected by it. I do the research I do with the aim of preventing bullying to reduce the numbers of people negatively impacted by bullying.

Where do you believe you have made a difference in your field?

In my research, I aim to provide an evidence-base on which others can draw to guide efforts to prevent bullying. I'm still relatively early in my journey so I hope to work at making a difference in my field for some time yet.

How does your area of expertise help you to contribute to NCAB?

My main contribution is to draw on the research knowledge I have and share that with other NCAB members so our discussions are based on research evidence.

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