Professor Toni Noble

Adjunct Professor, School of Educational Leadership, Australian Catholic University

Career highlightsToni Noble

  • Leading educator and educational psychologist with expertise in student wellbeing, positive school communities and positive psychology
  • Adjunct Professor at Australian Catholic University
  • Taught undergraduate and postgraduate students in education and psychology at Deakin University, Melbourne and at Australian Catholic University, Sydney
  • Involved in major government projects: the Federal Government's 2011 Revision of the National Safe Schools Framework; the Federal Government's 2008 Scoping Study on Student Wellbeing; and has an Australian Government Carrick citation for her outstanding contributions to university teaching
  • Regularly invited to run workshops, seminars and give keynote addresses both nationally and internationally. International invitations to date, have taken Toni's to work in the United Kingdom, USA, South Africa, Jordan and Asia.

Question and answer

Why is the issue of bullying of particular interest to you?

It is well documented that bullying can have a devastating effect on the individual who is being bullied, the child who is bullying and on the whole community in which bullying is occurring.  Helping school leadership teams and teachers reduce school bullying offers hope for safer schools that impact on student wellbeing and learning and enhance teacher wellbeing.

Where do you believe you have made a difference in your field?

Working with schools and school systems is one way I believe I have made a difference to help reduce bullying and help make schools safe, supportive and inclusive, teaching and learning communities that benefit all students and staff. I co-authored 15 teacher resource books including the award-winning 'Bounce Back Wellbeing and Resilience Program' and worked on two Commonwealth Government projects, including the 2011 National Safe Schools Framework. I have also embedded this focus in my work as a teacher educator in both pre-service and postgraduate courses.

How has your area of expertise helped you to contribute to NCAB over the years?

My contributions to NCAB include:

  • NCAB Advisory Board member
  • Co-editor of Bullying Solutions, where all royalties go to NCAB
  • Present at every NCAB conference
  • Present at teacher workshops for NCAB
  • Consultant on projects such as eSmart and the National Safe Schools Framework Best Practices Projects, overseen by NCAB.

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