Hundreds take part in anti-bullying fun run

The Buddy Run, held on 21 October 2018, was an Anti-Bullying Fun Run which brought children and families together to step up against bullying and spread the message that bullying is never ok.

There were so many fun activities and performances, and the support of more than 700 children and their families, which made it all the more exciting! We danced, played, ate and most importantly, we took a stand. Bullying is an issue that 1 in 4 children face while at school, and we all came together to make a difference.

Bullying can have a severe effect on a child and can impact their self-esteem, behaviour and ability to succeed at school. The effects of bullying can last a lifetime, and we want to make a change and keep fighting against the serious issue that is bullying and cyber-bullying.

We would like to thank the Department of Education and Training for helping to make our first year possible, and our sponsors Spotless, Pexa, Demos, Spotlight, Hairhouse Warehouse, and Richmond Football Club for their support on the day.  See you in 2019, when we’re hoping to do it all again.

Take a look at 7 News’ clip of the day.

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