The Cost of Bullying

Bullying is an important issue due to its high prevalence among Australian students and the lasting impacts that it has beyond a student’s school years. As technology use continues to rise, so does cyber bullying, which operates in a markedly changed environment where students can find themselves victimised at home as well as in the community or at school. Understanding the economic cost and impacts associated with bullying is critical to inform the design of the appropriate evidence informed programs and prevention measures to reduce prevalence.

How can I help?

eSmart is a long-term change program designed to educate, track, monitor and prevent bullying and cyber bullying. eSmart Schools is tailor-made for schools and designed to effect change in that specific environment.

It is not a band-aid or a quick fix, and based on documented evidence, it was created to address cyber risks, bullying and cyber bullying – and to help schools meet their duty of care.

eSmart provides schools with management tools to deal with bullying and cyber issues and incidents so that students feel safer and more supported at school. It also helps schools to embrace the benefits of technology while reducing students’ exposure to cyber risks, such as cyber bullying, online sexual predation, sexting, identity theft and fraud.

Add your voice and let State and Federal Governments know we want every school to be an eSmart School.

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